Generally treatments last for 60 minutes.  However, Applied Biomagnetic Therapy normally lasts 90 minutes. Some people like to attend for a general balance, while others come to have a specific issue dealt with.  The number of treatments needed will depend on the individual needs of each client but, in general, 4-6 treatments is usually sufficient. We will discuss a proposed treatment plan during your first visit.  But ultimately, it's up to you the client, to decide what you feel you want..

Initial Consultation:
On your first treatment I will need to do a consultation.  
This will include questions about:

  • symptoms you might have had or still have

  • your general medical history 

  • any medical diagnosis and treatments received

  • current medications you are taking

  • your daily diet - any foods that cause discomfort when eaten, foods you eat often, etc.

  • your sleep pattern

  • your energy levels throughout the day

  • anything else you feel might be helpful for the session.

Regardless of the imbalance, physical, chemical, emotional, psychological or spiritual - we will be able to employ a number of safe and non-intrusive techniques to bring about balance. 


Complementary therapies can be used to deal with a specific physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problem as a preventative measure or purely for relaxation. So whether you have a specific health problem or you just want to increase your feeling of well-being or simply relax more, why not try one of these beneficial therapies and see what it can do for you.