My now 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with Rheumatic Jeuvenille Arthritis 4 years ago. This is an auto immune disease so her eyes and kidneys also give trouble. She also suffers from very bad tonsilitis. Reflexology is brilliant for her. It eases pain when she gets a flare up. It also gives her better and more movement in the affected joint. It allows her to relax and gives me as a parent ease of mind. Her ankles and knees are mostly affected. A session with Ann makes the pain more bearable and always reduces the muscle wastage and stiffness. I know it's not a cure but it's definitely helping and giving her a better quality of life. 


I suffer from Bells Palsy and reflexology really helps with the facial muscles. It allows me to relax and the stress & tension which has built up reduces. I did 2 rounds of reflexology with this diagnosis and my face was back to full health after 4 weeks. I also took steroids but I feel a bit of everything definitely works. Healthy mind, healthy body.


My daughter aged 8 suffers from constipation. Reflexology is excellent, puts her at easer and alows her to relax. Great for mind and body.


I would definitely recommend Ann. She is a true professional, competent, trustworthy and very accommodating. Really puts the children at ease. Brilliant.



I attended Anne for four sessions of reflexology. I was after a really difficult time in my life after having my first miscarriage. I was having trouble sleeping, daily headaches and also anxiety attacks most days. I was feeling really low. On my first session Anne did a mixture of kinesiology and reflexology and after leaving the session I felt like a huge weight had been lifed off me. I felt like I could take a proper deep breath. By my third session my headaches had completely stopped, I was sleeping amazing and my anxiety is completely under control. I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life and how it helped me with the grief I felt after the miscarriage. I would highly recommended anyone try this.

Anne is a lovely person and so professional. I feel it would benefit anyone who has a busy life! Thank you Anne!


My son had suffered from recurring chest infections since he was 1 year old. He was hospitalised 3 times each year and was constantly on steroids and anit-biotics. He missed several days from school in Junior & Senior Infants.


Ann was studying reflexology and took him on as a Case Study when he was 6 1/2 yrs. She did several treatments with him over the Summer of 2014 and we haven't looked back.

Since September 2014 he has only had 1 antibiotic and has missed no day at school. He has a lot more energy also.


His sister wanted to be included in the treatments so Ann did reflexology on her also. She was constantly wetting herself by day and at night.

During the first treatment Ann detected a problem with the bladder and worked on the feet to balance it. By the 3rd treatment there was a huge improvement. Continued treatments have meant she no longer has accidents by day or night. 

I would recommend Ann because she has really helped both of my children.


I have had issues when it comes to eating. Not necessarily what I eat more so  how and the amount of food I would consume. I came to Ann For kinesiology as I wanted to address this issue. During the 1st treatment we discovered that my eating habits were connected to grief that I hadn't effectively dealt with. While I was quite emotional throughout the treatment  I had a huge  sense of relief and clarity by the end of the 4 sessions. Now that I am aware of the link between surpressed emotions and food my eating habits have improved resulting in a healthier, happier, lighter me . Thank you Ann. Your kindness, passion, professionalism and knowledge will lead to a well earned sucessful future.

In November 2013 I hurt my eye (scratched the cornea). Every day I had to use drops to keep it moist and most importantly at night I had to put gel in it and wear a patch going to bed.

In March 2014, I was a Case Study for Ann when she was training in Reflexology. She did 1 treatment weekly for 6 weeks and after the 3rd treatment I noticed my eye had improved immensely. I no longer needed a patch a night and over the following 2-3 months I only had to use drops occasionally. Thankfully I no longer need drops or gel. If I feel a slight irritation in my eye I have 1 or 2 treatments and this solves my problem.

Recently I have started having Kinesiology treatments with Ann. I have found it good for pinpointing and relieving stress. I can’t wait to do more Kinesiology as I feel it will benefit me both mentally and physically.  

I suffered from digestive problems (bloating, heartburn etc.) for many years. I tried lots of things to solve it including medical tests, medication and food intolerance testing but the problems persisted and I was very distressed from the whole situation. Ann was recommended to me by a friend, I was willing to try anything. During our first consultation Ann explained to me that my symptoms were coming from my emotional state. I didn’t really understand this at the time but I continued on with the treatments. Over time I learned from Ann that unresolved stress and emotions were having a negative impact on my digestion and my energy levels. Any time that I had a flare up meant that something stressful / emotional was going on in my life that needed to be dealt with. She compared me to an onion – layers had to be peeled off one at a time. When I finally got my head around this concept, it really helped me to understand how stress affects me body! During the treatments we would discuss any issues that arose and come up with ways to help me move forward. Today I can thankfully say that I can now go months without symptoms. When I do have a flare up, I return to Ann for a treatment to help me deal with the current stress. Thank you Ann, you are a true gift.

I have suffered from ulcerative colitis for several years. I have been on maintenance medication between flare ups.  Before doing Kinesiology treatments with Ann I had three colonoscopies all revealing a very inflamed colon.  In June 2017 I got a flare up and I was put on a course of steroids and enemas. By September it wasn’t getting much better.  Ann was practicing Kinesiology and I decided to give it a try.  I had my first session and Ann was asking questions trying to figure out what might have been contributing to this condition. Finally, an issue that I had been holding onto for years cropped up and I knew this is what I had to work on.  The day after the treatment I experienced some temporary side effects - Ann had advised me this may happen as my body was clearing all these symptoms. I went to Ann for a few treatments until the symptoms subsided. I had a colonoscopy in February 2018. The Doctor was very pleased that my colon had very little inflammation. I continue to have treatments every 6 weeks and since then I have not had a flare up and thankfully, my doctor has taken me off my medications.  I can’t praise Ann enough for what she has done for me.  I would highly recommend Ann and believe in Kinesiology.   


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